For Analyses in Biological Materials


Program operation:

G-EQUAS is open to all interested laboratories worldwide. We perform two QC-schemes per year – one in spring and one in autumn. Interested Laboratories can enrol in the program by filling out the registration form, which will automatically be submitted to our office. Once we receive a subscription request, we will assign a Lab-ID and a password for ordering and reporting results. Please note that you always have to use your Lab-ID for any contact or correspondence (for easier identification purpose).

Parameters offered:

Find more information about our current scheme under:


Reference values for G-EQUAS:









Shipping dates and deadlines of G-EQUAS 68 - 2021:

  • Ordering via internet will be possible from 2nd August until 3rd September 2021.  
    Sending of the requested control materials:

from September 16th 2021 to participants outside Germany
September 28th 2021 to German participants

  • Deadline for reporting results via internet: 18th November 2021.
  • Results will be available at the end of January 2022.

Receipt of the control samples:

In case of breakage or missing proficiency testing materials, please immediately contact 

for complimentary replacement of proficiency testing materials.



From round 53 the ordered control samples are going to be sent without an invoice (Please check the material immediately after receipt. The invoices will only be sent via e-mail!). Please carry out the payment in time via bank transfer. We are not going to provide the report/certificate of your participation until payment is received.

Reporting of results:

Results must be reported within the deadline (see schedule).

To send your results, please use your account on our webpage www.G-EQUAS.de. You will have to login with your Lab-ID and password. If you cannot login, please contact


Non-reported results:

We are going to provide you with reference values and tolerance ranges of all parameters you have ordered, even if you have not reported results for them.

Reports to participants:

The assigned values for all parameters are available under www.g-equas.de after the reports/certificates have been sent to the participating labs. Please review your report as soon as possible. If you note an error for which we are responsible (e.g. wrong or missing results)immediately contact info@g-equas.de. Please understand that we cannot correct results caused by the participant.

We welcome your comments and suggestions which you can directly send to: